Industry-specific Real Effective Exchange Rate (I-REER)


Center for Economic and Social Studies in Asia (CESSA) and the Research Institute of Economy, Trade and Industry (RIETI) have collaborated on constructing the new dataset of the industry-specific real effective exchange rate (I-REER).

The novelty of our dataset is that we publish daily and monthly data sets of both the industry-specific nominal and real effective exchange rates (I-NEER and I-REER) for 18 countries including nine Asian countries and nine advanced countries. The data is downloadable from the website of RIETI (http://www.rieti.go.jp/users/eeri/en/). Project members responsible for constructing the database include Kiyotaka Sato (Yokohama National University), Junko Shimizu (Gakushuin University and RIETI), Nagendra Shrestha (Yokohama National University), and Shajuan Zhang (Yokohama National University).

For empirical application of the I-REER data to the research on export competitiveness, please see the following:

Sato, Kiyotaka, Junko Shimizu, Nagendra Shrestha and Shajuan Zhang, 2013, “Industry-specific Real Effective Exchange Rates and Export Price Competitiveness: The Cases of Japan, China and Korea,” Asian Economic Policy Review, 8(2), pp.298-321.

Sato, Kiyotaka, Junko Shimizu, Nagendra Shrestha and Shajuan Zhang, 2015, “Industry-specific Real Effective Exchange Rates in Asia,” RIETI Discussion Paper Series 15-E-036. http://www.rieti.go.jp/en/publications/summary/15030021.html