YNU Global Input-Output Table (YNU-GIO Table)


The YNU-GIO Table is constructed by Nagendra Shrestha and Kiyotaka Sato, Department of Economics, Yokohama National University. The YNU-GIO Table consists of 29 endogenous countries (including 11 Asian economies) and 59 exogenous countries with 35 production sectors (see List of industries)The YNU-GIO Table is available for every year from 1997 to 2012 on this website. The following table shows the summary of 2012 YNU-GIO table ($ billion) aggregated into four regions. See List of endogenous and exogenous countries for the country coverage.

The details of the data construction and other necessary information are presented and discussed in Sato and Shrestha (2014) and Shrestha and Sato (2015). When using this database, please cite the following papers for acknowledgement.

● Sato, Kiyotaka and Nagendra Shrestha, 2014,"Global and Regional Shock Transmission: An Asian Perspective,”CESSA Working Paper, 2014-04.

● Shrestha, Nagendra and Kiyotaka Sato, 2015,"Global Financial Crisis and Shock Transmission: Supply- or Demand-driven Shock?” CESSA Working Paper, 2015-10.

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